Cross of Light Temple Position Statement


Everything is grounded in the immediate experience of now.

We are here and not elsewhere, and we act from where we are.

The immediate experience of now reasserts itself as reality no matter how often it is denied.


There is no secret wisdom.

Everything is provisional. Nothing is certain. There are no reliable authorities.

All systems are arbitrary and only acquire meaning if their constituent elements are accepted as if they were true.

All supposedly valid systems can be invalidated by the simple expedient of refusing their premises.


What people tell me I am is a fiction. I am beyond any definition given by the other. I am beyond any definition given by myself. I am beyond what I’m told I am.

I begin nowhere. I end nowhere. I occupy a space between beginning and end, which is constant but seems to change.

The mortal and corruptible body is absolutely linked to any notion of super sensible being with which it is associated.

We have the necessary resources within us and we do not need instruction from elsewhere.


Form is a treatment of unfettered imagination.

The limited is a manifestation of the limitless.

Limitless being exists in the context of finite being; the endless is known by that which knows a beginning and end.

The end is in the beginning and the beginning is in the end.

The beginning and the end differ by virtue of that which has passed between them.